Fruitland's IRLP Node

Idaho's first node
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Bob talking on 2 Meters at normal operating position.

Picture of Bob at normal operating position.

Bob fishing in Colorado.

Fisherman Bob showing off catch in Colorado.

IRLP Node Number: 3130
Node in service: July 18th, 2001
Owned and Maintained by: - KC7BSA
Transmits on: 443.650MHz
Receives on: 448.650MHz
CTCSS Tone: 100Hz
Old: 449.700MHz Simplex
Node Location:
Located at owner's home in Fruitland, Idaho which is 61 miles NW of Boise.
Node History:

In the fall of 2000 and spring of 2001 Bob first tries some IRLP nodes while visiting in Utah and decides to get one started in Idaho.

Bob, being the proud appliance operator that he is, gets technical assistance from his son Joe (KD7CQZ) . Joe then ropes in their Linux using friend Mike (KB7RCF) to help with setting up the node on an old 266MHz computer. After a couple of months full of head scratching, some rather creative uses of language, mostly by Mike who dislikes Red Hat , and E-mails to Dave (VE7LTD) we finally got the node running 18th July, 2001.

There have been several upgrades to the node since then including moving from a 266MHz Intel computer running Red Hat 6.3 to the IRLP Version 3 board on a 900MHz Athlon running Red Hat 7.3, and finally going from Yaesu mobile to the repeater.

Node Equipment:
Generic Athlon 900MHz
128MB Memory
1GB hard drive
Creative SoundBlaster Live! sound card
3com 100Mbps NIC
Red Hat 7.3 Linux 2.4.x kernel
Generic Athlon 3200
1GB Memory
320GB hard drive
1.5Mbps DSL connection
openSuSE 10.3 Linux
RF Equipment:
Transmits on: 443.650MHz
Receives on: 448.650MHz
Tone: 100Hz
Old Radio
Yeasu 5100
Comet dual-band antenna at 50 ft.

We finally gone the repeater up on 28 February 2004.


I would like to give a BIG thanks to (KB7RCF) and (KD7CQZ) for all their work put the node together. I would also like to thank Conrad (KC7EIN) , Dave (KB7EIN) , Mike (W7RWS) , and Bob (W7ZU) for all the equipment they gave and loaned me so I could get this node on the air.

And finally to Dave (VE7LTD) and his helpers for writing and maintaining the software and hardware that makes it all work.

Go to IRLP for more information, or email if you have any questions.
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